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Welding & Precision Cutting Services

Welding Production

Roussel Welding & Precision Cutting offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of commercial and residential clients.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our welders can custom fabricate metal to any size or shape. We have heating units to heat, bend, and melt metal as needed to achieve the desired effect. Metal fabrication can be used to create anything from signs and garden d├ęcor to custom grills, range tops, fire pits, and much more. Fabricated metal can then be engraved or stamped to include any logo, text, or design. Roussel Welding & Precision Cutting provides this service to many industries, including industrial (platforms, new product prototypes), pharmaceuticals (stainless steel counters), and food processing (conveyor belts).

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting technology has allowed for more precise metal cutting with safer processing and faster turnaround times. Water jet cutting, along with computer software and digital designs, is used to create custom sign shapes, letter and logo cutouts, stamped signs, calligraphy letters to mount on a wall, stenciled designs in fire pits, silhouette cutouts, name plates, and much more. Water pressure is administered with stunning precision to quickly cut out and create even the most intricate designs. There are nearly endless possibilities.

Welding Production

Roussel Welding & Precision Cutting in Reserve provides complete welding production services, including estimating, purchasing materials, drafting, and project management. Welding can provide products and architectural elements for homes and businesses. These include metal awning and other types of support beams, overhang supports, custom design gates for both interior and exterior areas, metal cages for commercial vehicles and machinery, trailer enclosures, and much more. From one small metal product for a homeowner to extensive work for large corporations, we can take on projects of any scale.

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